Author: Erika Townsend, SPT

Erika Townsend is a second-year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program on the Arizona Campus.

As a student, we are BUSY! All the programs at ATSU are time demanding. Finding a balance in your packed school schedule is difficult. Even though our schedule may be crammed with activities, it is important to find time for ourselves to relieve stress and just relax. As a Physical Therapy student myself, I know that students can become very sedentary due to sitting in classes and studying long hours. This sedentary state hinders our cardiovascular fitness. Some examples, to prevent the decline in cardiovascular fitness, are taking walks during breaks, using a standing desk during class or visiting the YMCA.

The YMCA is conveniently located next to the Arizona campus. There are many different activities that the YMCA facilities offer such as a pool, two floors of equipment and group fitness classes! Below are the top reasons to visit a group class for an hour study break, exercise, stress relief or a combination of all three.

Top reasons to attend group fitness class at the Y:

After many talks with classmates and other students, most of us can agree that our physical activity has decreased and the decrease in activity has impacted our physical and mental health. A group class or any physical activity can impact our lives tremendously with our mood, function, mental performance and health.

A great opportunity to invite some friends from class to go with, meet new friends in the group fitness class, or just to have some fun!

Attending a group class is a great opportunity to meet students from different programs on campus. I recommend attending one of my fellow P.T. classmates, Kaleigh’s class at the Y. She takes song requests for her classes and it is so much FUN! Email Student Affairs for her email address so you can exercise to your favorite song too!

The membership is free so why not? This is a great option to save money by not spending on a gym membership and the facility is very convenient if you would like to exercise before class, after class or between breaks.

Our schedules can get very busy but it is always important to take the time out for ourselves and embody the philosophy of “body, mind, and spirit”.

Get access to the YMCA’s group fitness class schedule please click here!